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The Power behind New GoPro Hero3 Action Cameras

Posted by Andy on November 4, 2012 at 1:25 PM

GoPro has showed their might in action camera technology after they recently introduced the three awesome new GoPro Hero3 models. With Hero’s Black Edition hitting an unimaginable recording bitrate of 4K and 2.7k for the White Edition and Silver Edition, these cameras are up to the task. Needless to say, this bitrate rating is considerably high especially by considering that some of the Hollywood films are done within this range.

As opposed to the previous Hero2 models, new GoPro Hero3 action cameras bring better features that had been making users struggle to use the previous versions of Hero cameras. As depicted by new GoPro Hero3 Review, all the three models now feature a Built-in Wi-Fi which will reduce the hassles that many users had been going through while finding Apps to boost this function. The threesome also features very high capacity Micro SDs which is in line with the current drift from SDs to Micro SDs use in many sectors.

In addition to the amazing 30% size reduction and 25% weight trim, the Hero3 models feature a new ultra-wide design in their lenses, which gives them a wider field of view and reduces distortion of the images and sound. A combination of this feature and waterproof housing serves as a major breakthrough to many challenges that SCUBA divers had been facing.

The Black Edition and the Silver Edition have remote control feature that makes it possible to control them through remotes or through Smartphones that run on GoPro Apps. Quality of the videos and photos is also commendable and impressive. The White Edition features 5MP photo resolution while the Silver and Black Edition have 11MP and 12MP respectively. Better still, all the three Hero3 models have also been noted to have twice as much Frames per Second rating as the previous models, a feature that has considerably boosted the quality of recorded videos especially in sporting activities.



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